Weeks 13-14: Case Study Presentations

Okay, last post of this lecture.

I found the case study really interesting. Our group got the max point (Yay for us!).  Oh and I must say my friends/group, Minh Anh, Linh, Quynh and Duy play an important role in this so thanks a lot guys.

I learnt a lot after this, especially about melamine and its legislation (that’s what my group study by the way) as well as what happens after the case. When this happened, I was in Viet Nam and our country was also affected by this but well, I didn’t pay much attention to it back then since it has nothing to do with me (bad me, I know).

I also learn new things from other groups, not many though D’:

Personally, I think the noise group did it good, same with medicine. They gave us a lot of good information (It’s not that other groups don’t give it, I just can’t catch up with their presentations, sorry guys). On the other hand, I find it really hard to give questions to other groups, it’s either too boring, hard that I can’t get it or well, I understand everything and don’t think there is anything to question others.

Summing up, I think this assignment gave us a great chance to learn more about environmental health. However, there are still some drawbacks, as the group focus too much on their presentation, they didn’t pay much attention to other presentations and I think we won’t learn much from others by this way.

That’s all. Thank you for following me after all this time. I hope you manage to learn something new from my blogs. _(:з」∠)_