Week 3: Factors of Environmental Health, Legal Framework.

This week lesson is about factors of Environmental Health (again) and Legal Framework.

There are 4 factors of Environmental Health: Chemical, Physical, Microbiological and Other. These factors affect our health through 3 ways: Oral, Dermal and Inhalation. For example, you can be exposed to Chemical factors through oral way by drinking water. As water may contains many chemical hazards, if it was not carefully deal with, when you drink water, you will be exposed to those chemical hazards which can cause bad effect to your health.

Here is an example for the Environmental Health factors in my life.


For further information, you can read it here:






About Legal Framework, each country has their own legislation and ministry. In my country, Vietnam, the task of supervising Environmental issues lay on the Ministry of the Natural Resources and Environment. They mainly deal with soil resource, water resource, land management, sea and island as well as climate change. However, when it comes to health issues, Ministry of Health in Vietnam is the one who will take responsibility.

Nowadays, we have to face lots of environmental issues, which will, sooner or later, affect our health such as Pollution, global warming, climate change, etc and I think Ministry as well as every of us play an important role in preventing or solving these issues. Further information can be found here.






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